Best Guitar Distortion Pedals 2020: Complete Reviews with Comparisons

In regards to changing the sound of your guitar, then there’s not any simpler way to achieve maximum gap than by using the best guitar distortion pedal. Distortion pedals operate by increasing the advantage on your signal to make a fuzzier or gritty tone.

Initially, the sound distortion has been discovered through overdriven sound that caused the sign to distort. This led to the growth of particular techniques directly targeted at inducing this noise effect.

With numerous distortion pedals on the current market, this report appears to narrow your search by reviewing a few of the more popular models now offered. By the end of this guide, you need to have a clear understanding of exactly what features make the best guitar distortion pedal and whether any of our recommended versions are a good fit for you.

Guitar Distortion Pedal Reviews

1. ProCo RAT2 Distortion Pedal

The ProCo RAT2 has existed for quite a very long time. In reality, it has emerged on thousands of recordings over the last few decades thanks to its versatile distortion levels and reliable construction. This pedal is remarkably intuitive also, leaving the user three logical controller knobs to utilize in order to acquire their favored audio effect.


Made with an all-metal enclosure, this distortion pedal is very durable. Certainly, it can cope with heavy usage and the typical wear and tear experienced in travel between gigs.

This is a little pedal, measuring only 4.8 x 4.5 x 3.3 inches. Such dimensions allow it to fit on an array of pedal boards without taking up too much room. It comes with of 1/4-inch input and output jacks in addition to a coaxial power connector.

Designed with simplicity in mind, users can manage and alter the degree of distortion throughout the three control knobs conveniently located on the top of the pedal. Here, they could adjust the volume levelthe filter level for the form of distortion, and the distortion level itself.

This varied level of stimulation allows for arena-rock tones, soaring leads, a crunch station for louder amps, or even as a hike for guitar solos.


  • Versatile sound output
  • DC or battery power supply
  • Durable construction


  • Can cut upper frequencies on the fast setting
  • Power supply necessitates an adapter

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2. Joyo JF-04 High Gain Distortion Pedal

This high-gain distortion pedal is fantastic for achieving quality heavy-metal tones, but it can also do more than that. With appropriate adjustment, you might even hit a fantastic pinch for rocky blues or turn the gain all the way up to attain Sabbath-level tones.


Produced from a high-grade plastic, this pedal is not as robust or as lasting as others on this list. However, it will make it exceptionally lightweight, which can be assisted by its compact size measuring just 1.8 x 5.9 x 3.5 inches.

Joyo also has made certain to incorporate a 9V battery with this pedal so you can opt to run it wirelessly if you like. If cables are not problematic for you, then it is also possible to plug it in for a more solid connection.

This pedal offers a fantastic range of tones because of its interface which permits the users to actually customize their audio through shifting gain, treble, midrange, and the general volume. These configurations offer the users the option to change the tone, pitch, midpoints, and volume respectively.

This pedal also uses True Bypass circuitry, which enables each the nuances in your audio to be heard and delivers a truer representation of how the guitar is meant to sound. Users may also benefit from an LED that depicts the operational state of the pedal in addition to side positioned inputs and outputs for better cable management.


  • Extremely affordable price
  • High level of signal customizability
  • Superior metal tones


  • No bass control
  • Relatively noisy during operation

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3. Donner Multi Guitar Effect Pedal

This Donner guitar effects pedal offers a variety of sound manipulation that could help some level of guitarist attain a rich and one of a kind sound. This pedal is great for both the timeless rocker or even the blues player. It’s a great purchase for people who are looking for that little extra rather than your average distortion panel.


With a solid steel structure, this is an extremely durable guitar pedal which may put up with rough, everyday usage. Additionally, it is significantly larger than some of our other recommended pedals because of its three-in-one structure. It measures in at 1.97 x 2.91 x 13.39 inches. Despite its size however, this pedal is still relatively lightweight at just 14.1 ounces.

The problem with it being _so long is that it might prove difficult to fit onto an already filled pedal board. This would mean that users will have difficulty achieving the show they want as these effects are already directly linked to one another through their static positioning.

But guitarists of any ability level will be glad to know that this pedal permits for three different effects to be altered. These include:

  • Delay: Here, users can control the level, feedback, and delay. These change the volume level of their feedback, the rate of the feedback, and the time delay of this audio, respectively.
  • Chorus: This result is similar to phasers or flanges concerning sound. It adds a richness to your tone which makes it sound doubled. Users can change the volume of the mix with the level knob, the intensity of the effect via thickness, and the rate of the impact through speed.
  • Distortion: Users have three controllers over their distortion effect: quantity, gain, and tone. Volume is quite self-explanatory, whereas gain controls the level of tone and distortion changes the general sound (whether its heavy metal or smooth blues).


  • Three-in-one effects pedal
  • Lightweight construction
  • All-metal frame


  • Poor chorus Impact
  • Tough to fit onto a comparatively full pedal board

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4. Electro-Harmonix Bass Big Muff Pi Distortion Pedal

The Bass Big Muff Pi Distortion and Sustain Pedal is Made by Electro-Harmonix, a famous brand of quality pedals. This pedal is fantastic for those who aren’t simply seeking to enhance their noise but also boost its preserve (the endurance of the strings shaking ).


Made from a compact and tough die-cast chassis, this pedal is built to take a beating during regular use. For the guitarist’s advantage, this distortion pedal is designed with different outputs for the effect output signal and dry output.

What’s more is that users have the option to run it in an AC power supply or through the included 9V battery. Larger than your normal bicycle, the Bass Big Muff Pi steps in at 6.2 x 3.2 x 5.7 inches.

This pedal provides guitarists with four distinct procedures of altering the sound. This may be accomplished through the volume, tone, or sustain knobs, as well as the three-point change with the options: normal, dry, or bass increase.

On the other hand, the sustain function permits users to find out the degree of vibration carried throughout the sign, whilst tone changes the frequency of the sound from top treble to bass.

The three-position dry switch makes it possible to toggle between identifying sound _settings. The bass boost manner adds bass into the distortion, as well as the dry mode outputs the original dry signal from your instrument combined with the distortion and delivers the pure tone of the pedal.


  • Three-position dry switch
  • Die-cast chassis
  • True Bypass tech


  • Hard to achieve subtle distortion
  • Boosts signal quite a lot

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5. Biyang X-Drive Distortion Pedal

The Biyang X-drive is an awesome entry-level distortion pedal that gives guitarists access to a vast selection of tones and melodies. This is all thanks to the three different settings that may be changed further through the control knobs.


An all-metal structure is often hard to find on such affordable pedal alternatives, making the Biyang X-Drive rather tricky to resist. In the end, it is durable, compact, and reasonably priced.

The three knobs are conveniently situated on top of the unit, but the selector switch isn’t in the easiest place to achieve making it rather fiddly. The tone knob enables users to feed unique frequencies to its floor circuit. A higher setting will send all high frequencies, and a lower setting will ship all lows.

The drive knob chooses the amount of power being fed to the device. This is reflected in the cleanness of your tone. More electricity will typically lead to a dirtier tone.

Users are able to choose between glowing, hot, and normal for their size preferences. Warm tones are constructed for more midrange frequencies, and bright refers to the greater frequency ranges. These help you to attain many different tones at the flick of a switch. As an alternative, you can leave it in ordinary, which is going to lead to a pure input sound.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Three-tone setting
  • Drive adjustability


  • Somewhat tinny sound
  • Poor quality control

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To wrap up our best guitar distortion pedal reviews, we’d love to leave you with our best recommendations. Do you have a certain pedal in mind? If not, then enable us to aid you.

Firstly, for its high level of flexibility, making it great for those who are only beginning, the Donner Multi Guitar Effect Pedal is the best choice. Offering a range of effects, including distortion, making it a fantastic purchase for anyone looking to add something new to their sound.

For those who are purely following a distortion pedal, however, you are most likely going to need to elect for the Bass Big Muff Pi. This distortion pedal provides excellent audio clarity, is exceptionally durable and dependable, and provides great adjustability.

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