Donner Alpha Cruncher Distortion Chorus Pedal Full Review

Donner is a business devoted to making various musical instruments as well as the accessories that make playing with them more comfortable and more enjoyable. Should you choose to navigate their website, you will find a variety of guitars, keyboards, audio system, and lots of musical instruments, such as the pedal we are talking about.

This distortion/chorus pedal is just one of the best selling products, and it has undergone many changes since it was first introduced. It’s perfect for rhythm guitarists, but direct guitarists may also have a great time using it.

Who Is This Product For?

Neither a budget choice nor a costly option when compared to alternatives on the current market, this guitar pedal is fantastic for people who are serious about playing the guitar. It is also an excellent choice for amateurs who aren’t on a strict budget.

This pedal can allow you to practice different bridges and solos utilizing the distortion mode. In addition to this, it can also replicate the choruses of guitar players while utilizing the chorus style. Remember that the versatility of the guitar pedal makes it an excellent option for playing a variety of genres of music, but the heftier types of metal.

What’s Included?

If you get this item, you will receive a box that’s rather small and easy to unpack. Additionally, there’s no assembly procedure required, so you’ll have the ability to start using your new guitar pedal in a couple of minutes.

Sadly, there’s absolutely no warranty contained, but you will have the ability to cover a couple of dollars more for customer safety on the Amazon website. Furthermore, if you do not have the wires and the power adapter, you will need to order them on your own. Both of these are available with a reduction under the main item.

The power adapter can be equipped with a daisy chain. This means that it is going to allow you to string multiple guitar pedals in precisely the same moment.

Overview of the Features

The most prominent characteristic of this guitar pedal would be the beautiful analog circuit design. It allows you to combine different pedal impacts, such as the chorus and distortion ones which we previously mentioned, as well as the delay impact. The last one is very interesting as it could be combined together with microphones to help listeners introduce adjustments to their vocals.

There are 3 knobs for each of the featured effects. These can allow you to control the level, the rate and the thickness of altering the guitar signal, and its wavelengths. Experiment with these, and you are bound to find a perfect combination for your own music.

The Alpha Cruncher is ideal for carrying around, because of its small dimensions and light weight. Also, it’s highly durable, being made from steel, which means you don’t need to worry about it being ruined if you inadvertently step on it too hard while playing.

How to Use

To use this particular guitar pedal, simply find a compatible power adapter and a link cable, and you are good to go! If you don’t already have these, we advocate finding ones that are specially designed for the guitar pedal which you have since they are guaranteed to match.

Lastly, you should discover a great-sounding match whilst practicing so you wouldn’t need to interchange the values and fiddle with the knobs while enjoying with a real-live show.


A more expensive alternative to this guitar pedal is the _sonicake BLACK HAMMER Strip Pedal. This one boasts a wide array of effects and sports superb durability level at exactly the exact same time.

The main reason why you might want to get this rather than the product we reviewed is that this particular guitar pedal is far better suited to playing heavy metal as well as other hardcore metal genres. Also, it delivers a boost function the Donner pedal is lacking, which is essential for enormous audiences and loud tunes.


Now you understand about all of the significant features and benefits of the excellent guitar pedal. If you’re looking for a unique model which will offer you various options and effects to test out, then that is guitar pedal may be perfect for you.

However, if you’re more into enjoying hardcore metal and punk songs, then you will love the Dark Hammer pedal longer. In any event, you can not go wrong with any of these, and you are certain to have a lot of fun.

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