What Are Guitar Pedals Used For?

Guitar pedals are not only utilized by famous guitarists but also players of different instruments all around the world to add extra sound effects to their music. They are made to alter the wavelengths of the sound the guitar makes so what comes from this amplifier is different than the audio made with no pedal.

Pro Co RAT2 Distortion Pedal Full Review

Professional Co is a company founded in 1974. Ever since that time, they’ve been steadily producing high-quality accessories to assist musicians all around the world improve their craft. From simple things like cables for guitars and microphonesup to complex and expensive support audio systems, you will have the ability to discover anything while browsing their

What Guitar Pedals Do I Need?

Love music? Those that are fresh in the guitar-playing world have a tendency to think that plugging into their electric guitar into an amplifier is sufficient to begin jamming. Then again, if you are thinking about seriously getting your game on, then you’d be aware that there are methods you can do to improve your

Joyo JF-04 High-Gain Distortion Pedal Full Review

Pro Co RAT2 Distortion Pedal Review Joyo is a tech company that produces many different electronic accessories. They are primarily concentrated on products that enhance the audio quality and performance of the musicians. This firm has been generating various digital devices for many decades now. Each year, their experts manage to surprise with their imaginative

Can You Use Guitar Pedals for Vocals?

Guitar pedals, or stomp boxes as many people prefer to call them, are most commonly utilized to alter the wavelengths as well as the sound coming out of guitars. Some models can work together with other electric instruments, like keyboards, bass guitars, as well as drums. You probably came here wondering if can you use